Saturday, 13 December 2008


the eye of newt is known as a daisy most usually. and the toe of frog is called the buttercup. also this is the photo of a western wizard

wizard familliar. names:

claw quizzle aristotle vinegar tom imp hungry hal jitterbug paddock pig poke oliver trotts uppity codhead bob bunderpuss sacke-and-sugar eel pie round robin rabbitsfoot

owl or cat or rabbit or whichever, you will find a name in the liber zoologicum. summon a unicorn:

"unicorns,unicorns, all around,
waiting near water, there to be found,
lions are distant,none are found here,
unicorn,unicorn,swiftly appear.
horses may neigh, but i now bray,
and when i bray, you will come here today!"

now bray. sit by a pool of water while saying.

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