Thursday, 27 November 2008

spell to shrink

a spell to shrink it is, then. this spell shrinks yourself, by the way. puen gadeo amayana fa, cadal and beale. batal amena acadel domelian!aca meanea cadala fa ame and bea acalahen , MEHEALEHEAY!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

spell to have control of a pair of keys:

obender inchenunbuet

spell to make boots walk away

bestepsio so gestap gestup gehorse

spell to open the gates of avalon

eben dunerve coden darenu doche ah chua abes dohenir beyole omlen anrin cota donrai doh com orgen alrin dake donrei doh oren oder agader ebe dogere condor young ol wole olcher a abu gondier doch orgen orgen flatta!

spell to make a branch fall

obenun forgenut

spells to push people back:

spell 1: cayan. spell 2: cosbonet by dy!

unlocking doors spells

spell 1: arisa deunoc. spell 2:erlasia

leaping flame spell

estaefrelm almen achforan hynal

griffin spell

kills griffin when it attacks: braden an wiel athunuec.

book moving spell:moves the book(any book)across a space

oonhelun actu bradan

death spell

asacanamo aristathro! they are the words.

my first post on the blog

hi!i see you like my other blogs, and want to read?well you can. read about magic, and i will keep submitting spells! my first spell on the site will be the common death spell.